Our corporate strategy is to operate globally and in complete compliance with the industry standards. The natural course of our business leads us to propose strategic alliances with business partners, as well as create Joint Venture Agreements, to achieve mutually beneficial results, realizing steady growth.

 1- GTI FOODS buy and sell Commodities – mainly SUGAR, Poultry, Soya Beans, Rice and others commodities requested by the clients including Petroleum and other non consumable products.

 2- GTI FOODS is part of a group whose parent company is involved in infrastructure development in various countries around the world, this includes major government projects and private enterprise requirements.

 3- GTI FOODS are working with banks and institutions to support its business of sourcing and utilisation of bank guaranty, Stand by Letter of Credit, Project funding, acquisition and mergers at corporate and government level. We develop bankable feasibility studies in order to meet financing on major infra structure development around the world. We are active in 3 continents on major projects both private and governments.

 4- This includes consulting on commodity brokerage, International Project development, currently working with 7 governments.