GTI FOODS for the last 25 years have been involved in corporate, national and international financing, refinancing and restructuring financial matters and working with its group has access to major financial institutions, funds, banks, investment groups, mutual funds  around the world, and has access to financing in its own rights. the company acts as advisors to various projects developed and under developed countries in putting solutions together to try and meet its financial obligations. 

 We have worked with high network individual, groups, involved in financing start up and structuring existing businesses, helping in corporate bankruptcy, advise on corporate bonds issues and funding, help develop projects with government utilisation of  sovereign guarantees to fund the projects.  Globetrade and our partners have been involved  in financing refineries, gold mines, we are major advisor and provides due diligence and technical, geo political and economic support in finance and developments particularly to countries going through infra structure and social developments including housing, commercial, logistics, leisure, agricultural development;  and with our associates for debt restructuring. 

 Together we work as a team and we put all our ideas into action.

 Our partners are international know for funding, hedge fund management, structured finance, risk, credit analysis, Project financing, acquisition, mergers, bankruptcy restructuring, corporate funding, country sovereign funding, Major international acquisition on property, retail, debt restructuring and oil and gas refinery financing.

 All the parties who work with financing are registered, work within the guidelines set by the authorities and in compliant with the jurisdiction they work in. We follow and abide by the money laundering acts, and abide by the bribery and corruption acts internationally.