GTI FOODS was established to sell commodities, sugar from Brazil and quality commodities from other countries.  It is a British and Brazilian company registered in England and Wales and works under the law of England and Wales. This ensures full compliance, regulated and full transparency in product and financial matters. The company is part of an overall group of companies with world-wide interests at government levels in many countries.

 The company has already been selling products to various countries in the world. We are expanding our operation in Dubai, Australia and China with building of sugar refineries to cater for those markets utilising Brazilian technology to produce fine quality sugar that complies with the local culture and meets the stringent quality control in each country.

 The company operates a strict due diligence and AML process in full compliance with OECD regulations and international laws to insure the highest levels of integrity and transparency in all transactions undertaken.

 ‎The Company enjoys superlative relationships with its clients, financiers, creditors and Banks and prides itself with its ability to respond and operate rapidly to cease opportunities and saving time and money – we can take on critical opportunities with ease and the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and discretion.